Artificial Grass VS Real Grass

diy fake grass

Everyone loves to have grass outside their house or office as the grass is very peaceful to feel, one can comfortably lay or sit down on grass to relax. Moreover, one can do many activities on grass for example; sports or one can do exercises. But the issue is that not everyone can grow real grass outside their house and it takes a long time to have a grass which is healthy, therefore in these cases people tend to install artificial grass which looks exactly same as the real grass with the same feel, yet there are some differences between an artificial grass and real grass. When artificial grass was made, it was made keeping the drawbacks of real grass in mind so that people do not have to face problems in artificial grass in brisbane cost.

Drawbacks of real grass which can be fixed by introducing artificial grass

Real grass can be a reason of pollution, real grass is hard to maintain as one has to put fertilizers on it which are harmful to the air and they can cause air pollution.

The trimmings of grass which is done by tools which run on gas or petrol also cause air pollution.

Much amount of water can be utilized to feed the grass; it takes most of the water from the whole residential area which is also a reason for dry climates.

In these cases artificial grass can be a very good option because artificial grass is just plastic and it does not need water to grow or stay healthy, it looks exactly same as the real grass so that one can easily eliminate the cost of the water that they spend to feed the grass as plastic grass.

One would not need to trim the grass as the plastic grass will not grow, the grass is fake and it cannot grow its size which makes it very cost-efficient because one does not need to trim it.

You do not have to put fertilizers, if you need grass then you can get it immediately because it will directly be installed and you will be having a perfect lawn with the best look.

Drawbacks of artificial grass which are not found in real grass

Artificial grass is no doubt the best in every way possible but after all it is plastic and one would always have this in their mind that it is an artificial grass and not a live lawn.

For the matter of fact, artificial grass is the best choice if one needs to have a great and beautiful looking lawn right outside their house. If you want the best quality artificial grass or diy fake grass then you can contact Lush Turf Solutions as we are providing you with the best diy fake grass to make your lawn look amazing, you can have a great range if diy fake grass when you come to us.