Antique Restoration Of Bathtubs

antique restoration melbourne

Old things have their own charms and a lot of memories attached to them. They reflect the history and have a class of their own. Not just the furniture but also the bathtubs of the 1940s and 50s reflects the class and craftsmanship of that era. They carry the fashion of that era furthermore the quality and the uniqueness of each item is an added bonus. Most old houses have cast iron bathtubs which the owners do not want to get rid of or lose them. It is so because these bathtubs are classic and they never date, even though they belong to a past era yet they appear to be trendy and classic in this era. The best way to make sure that they maintain and keep their bathtubs in using condition is by antique restoration. These days reviving the old things is the trend. Refurbishing or restoring old things is seen everywhere, especially in the case of these bathtubs. The cast iron bathtubs that were a fashion and a part of houses are being restored and used. These old things need care and should be restored using proper methods and tools. Antique restoration in Melbourne needs to be performed by professionals who are experts in making it look new and making sure that the bathtub is not damaged. It is made sure that all the cracks and rust are taken care of and the bathtub is restored to its original look. When this restoration is undertaken by professionals it is made sure that the quality is not compromised and this restoration is going to last long periods of time giving you a rich experience every time you take a bath. Furthermore, we also make sure that the color of the bathtub is restored, and also if you wish the color can be changed also.

There are many things that need to be kept in mind while antique restoration of bathtubs, like making sure that during the restoration process the bathtub is not damaged and the look is not compromised. These cast iron tubs are quite heavy and therefore it is not easy to move them again and again. You might be wondering why the hassle of going through antique restoration and not buying a new bathtub that looks like the old cast iron ones. There are many reasons why the look-alike one will not give you the feel of an original cast iron bathtub. Firstly, the weight and feel are different, that is to say that the new bathtubs are light in weight whereas the cast iron bathtubs are heavy weight. Secondly, there is a difference in material, the new look-alike bathtubs are made of acrylic and are not as solid as the original bathtubs that are made from cast iron and coated with porcelain. Lastly, the bath taken in the cast iron bathtub is more refreshing as the water retains its temperature for longer durations of time. Thus, giving you a more relaxed time so that you can enjoy your bath for longer durations.


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