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It’s common to get confused about the difference between a bolt and a screw. Although there are a few practical distinctions between screws and bolts, the majority of them overlap. Their intended use is what makes them distinct: With the help of a nut, bolts are used to assemble two unthreaded parts. Contrarily, screws are utilized in parts that already have a thread, and the screw may even create its own internal thread. Depending on their intended function, many threaded fasteners can be classified as either screws or bolts. Bolts are frequently used to construct a bolted joint. Consolidating the nut’s pivotal clipping force with the fastener’s knife working as a dowel to stick the joint against sideways shear stresses brings about this present circumstance. Unthreaded knifes have as often as possible been referred to as a distinctive element among fasteners and screws, yet their reality is coincidental to their utilization instead of characterizing. Does your business frequently require a particular kind of nut, bolt, or other fastener? Are these hardware parts important to your job but difficult to find in most stores? Is it necessary for you to always have a supply of these parts on hand? Prendergast fasteners are Australia’s largest and top supplier of bolts and nuts in Brisbane. We have the bolts and nuts you need for anchors, rivets, high- or low-tensile bolts and nuts, and more! Visit one of our locations now; our helpful staff is waiting to assist you.

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Supplying Industry for more than 20 years, no matter what your project, from engineering and construction to the home. We have made a name for ourselves as a trustworthy fastener supplier in Australia over the past 20 years by providing excellent service, prompt delivery, and affordable prices. In addition, we have a wide selection of tools, safety gear, cutting/grinding discs, and accessories, so you won’t have to waste time scouring the store for what you require. Our skilled staff is here to provide you just what you require. Prendergast Fasteners is here to help, wherever you are. If you live nearby, you are welcome to stop by and see what we have in stock. If you’d rather, phone us and we can send everything you need to you, wherever you are. The Australian fastener story goes on beyond this. The distribution of fasteners directly to fastener users, where the nut and bolt become a part of their assembly, or the provision of fasteners and support to businesses that maintain machinery are two additional parts. Australia maintains a competitive internal fastener supply network despite its size. In addition to supplying from stock, fastener suppliers Australia are able to produce fastener products on demand through Australian fastener manufacturers.